My Pet Rocky

I used to be always on travel as part of my job; sometimes for more than 45 days at a stretch. I could never spend quality time with my family.. which includes my pet Doberman, Rocky. Rocky came into our lives when he was almost 30 days old. It was raining like mad all the way from Chennai to Coimbatore (the place I live) while I drove the car with Rocky -the little pup- in the back seat. He was like the rainbow amidst the dark clouds. This photo was taken on the way that day .


He gave us sleepless nights initially. My wife used to feed him with a spoon and a bottle. Due to my frequent travel, I missed out all his pranks and growing up pains.

1404.NEFNow that I decided to fire my boss and do something without the chains on me, I have at last some time for my family! The one who is most happy about my move is my daughter; for, I could see her happiness through her verbal communication. The other person was Rocky, who has not left me for a single minute ever since I came back. He has been like a shadow where ever I went. He could not express his happiness by words uttered; but, his eyes told a million words! I framed his look with the help of the lens.

Now we spend a lot of time walking and doing things together. He is always there, be it that I am at my desk or washing the car or watering the lawn. .. Even as I am typing this blog, he is at my feet, looking up at my face as if asking me “when the hell are you going to stop this and come out and play with me?”


I feel like getting my childhood back once again! No wonder, the saying.. “a dog is man’s best friend”… is befitting in my current context. But for him, I would have gone berserk; being a workaholic through out my 20+years of  IT career.

It’s a totally reciprocating existence between us – a BOW and a WOW!