Nocturnal visitors

It was about 1 AM. We heard some sounds outside and saw a crowd forming in front of our house. Someone asked us not to come out; since there were two elephants in our yard!

They had wandered in from the nearby forest and lost their way. Seeing some vegitation, they broke the compound wall and entered. By the time we had got up and come on the balcony, they already had a gala time uprooting plants and sqashing young saplings around.

Seeing the crowd, they wanted to find an escape route and tried the far back corner. They broke the wall and saw they could not go out thought that! So they came back to the center and started filling up their stomach.

By this time the Forest Department people came and the elephants taking the cue, quietly stepped out of the compound through the broken wall and started to walk.

And the Forest Department persons showed lights and sounded screeching sirens to get them walk on the way to the forest. Last time we had these pachyderms walking our way was about three years back.

All these are happening due to unscrupulous builders building gated communities on the elephant corridor. Elephants are migratory animals and they treck a path year after year with the changing seasons. It is prohibitted to construct anything on or near the elephant corridor. But here there was a greedy builder who constructed a residential community right in the middle of the elephant corridor.

Poor elephants, they walk the same route and then come accross a concrete wall on thier path. They are confused. If they turn right, it would lead them into the forest. But, if they turn left, they would enter our residential colony, which is far from the elephant corridor.

So these kinds of intrusions are common here. The human-animal conflict keep rising and damages and loss of lives do happen.

Will the authorities ever understand this? Or will they continue to be greedy and pave way for more human-elephant conflicts?