Can’t be without pets!


My career took me to different parts of the world. The last was to Africa. I was in My furry friends in Kampala, Uganda.Uganda, Zambia, Swaziland, Rwanda and Nigeria. Most of the time I was in Uganda. The place where I used to stay had a few four-legged friends as well. I wanted to keep a dog in my room; but, the apartment management was not very supportive. However, the furry friends were welcome. The black was a male(Black mischief)  and the spotted cutie was a female (I named her Cutie). Cutie was quick to learn a few tricks. She would never enter my kitchen. She would wait for me to fill her bowl with milk and would drink only when I told her that she could! I thought only dogs were obedient and loyal. Cutie was an exception!

One of my colleagues had a pure African breed dog, the Rhodesian Ridgeback.  I had heard about this breed. They are very daring hunting dogs. They are known to chase a full grown lion up a tree, running for cover. Though over years, the ferocity of this breed has come down, still they exhibit the temperament for which they are well known. For me, it was a dream come true to touch and fondle a Rhodesian Ridgeback.


My job took me to Swaziland, which is down south in Africa and close to South Africa. A very picturesque place full of hills and valleys.  I am told that Swaziland is known as the Switzerland of Africa!

As luck would be, the place where I was put up had three guard dogs, which were let loose in the night. The first night, I thought I heard the familiar sound of the paws on the ground. I stepped out of my room and was surprised to see three huge dogs! Don’t know what attracts me to them or vice versa, I end up in canine company. From the next day onward  they would be waiting in the evening for me to return from work. Of the three, the below one was my favorite. He was very mature for his age.

931                        930


When my team in Uganda gave me a farewell, one of them said, they were thinking of packing a pup for me to take home to India! Then they realized that it was not easy to take one without the papers and dog passport. How I wished, I could have taken one home!  Maybe , another day……




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